2022 Results Publication Update:

We’re working on getting results published as soon as we can. Due to a technical problem, it’s taking us a little more time than we prefer. Thanks for your patience while we get that resolved.

How Do We Post Results?

Results for the Kollas Cranmer Run will be posted on this web site shortly after the 4th of July race. We post placement results for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place runners in each category. Results will be posted in the Hood River News in the following day’s paper.

As runners cross the finish line they are handed a stick with a number on it. They go directly to the FINISH LINE table and turn in their numbered stick with their racing tag.

The runner tag you receive at registration is color coded for males (blue) and females (red). A category race sticker is placed on your runners tag to define your age category. We use a tally board to post immediate results on site (approximately 30 minutes) after the race. It is very important for runners to register to ensure accurate times for each participant.

2019 Race Results*


1stDavid McKay41:03Amanda Phillips44:34
2nd Jesse Wiley44:34Lottie Bromham49:36
3rd Scott Middleton44:54Claire Packer51:26

GRADES 1 – 5

1stVance Copper1:01:51Madeline France 58:49
2nd Isaac Raynoso1:06:06Georgia Haynie1:24:56
3rd Ian Thomas1:08:20

GRADES 6 – 8

1stSam Soto49:29Calla King1:05:02
2nd John Beckman54:46Jenna Emerson1:08:35
3rd Nathan Emerson59:34Kate Pauly1:11:18

GRADES 9 – 12

1st Sam Bacon 47:51Lottie Bromham49:36
2nd Nate Cooper48:11Chloe Bullock56:21
3rd Josh Humann48:29Eva Jones59:07

AGES 18 – 29

1st Jesse Wiley44:34Claire Packer51:26
2nd Braxton Wilson46:10Sissel Holloway52:24
3rd Travis Running47:28Taylor Kennedy54:34

AGES 30 – 39

1st David McKay41:03Amanda Phillips44:34
2nd Blair Smith47:58Lauren Kolojejchick-Kolch54:15
3rd Brack Hassell48:13Michel Wilson56:38

AGES 40 – 49

1st Dave Caldwell49:31Erica Swanson Dufour53:09
2nd Brett Golden49:31Julie Wilson58:10
3rd Manlio Vecchiet50:08Angela Krause58:12

AGES 50 – 59

1st Scott Middleton44:54Kim Brislawn58:54
2nd Gary Daubenspeck45:34Jennifer Wardell59:32
3rd Gary Johnson51:00Kathy Sauer-Bishop1:02:42

AGES 60 – 69

1st Salvador Lopez53:39Jeanne Grist1:02:29*
2nd Howard Cohen54:26Lisa Pham1:16:43
3rd Bill Scheer55:34Denise Doney1:21:31

AGES 70+

1st Raymond Peterson1:21:17
*Our 2020 and 2021 races were canceled due to concerns surrounding Covid-19.